What are the definitions of the different types of jobs?

There’s a whole world of job types out there! Let’s break down some of the most common:

  • Full-time: The classic 40+ hours per week, often with benefits like health insurance and vacation time.
  • Part-time: Less than 40 hours a week, benefits can vary.
  • Temporary: Fills short-term needs, like covering for someone on leave.
  • Contract: Work under a specific agreement for a set period.
  • Freelance: Project-based for various clients, gives you lots of flexibility.
  • Remote: Ditch the office, work from home or anywhere with internet!

Key Tip: Before diving into your job search, figure out which type suits your skills and lifestyle best. This makes finding the perfect fit way easier!

Let me know if you’d like a breakdown of any specific job types in more detail